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The Facebook bump

From Politico:

If campaigns were won and lost by the number of Facebook fans a candidate recruits, Senator Scott Brown would have defeated Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday: 370,536 fans to 316,312. But instead Warren pulled out a narrow victory at the polls.

While Brown had more Facebook fans than Warren, Warren’s campaign did a superior job of engaging her fan base. On Election Day, 32 percent of Warren’s social network – over 100,000 fans — were liking, commenting, and sharing news about her campaign on Facebook. Brown, on the other hand, engaged just 12 percent of his network or about 45,000 people. Did Warren’s savvy social media skills give her a Facebook bump that helped to propel her to victory? What impact did Facebook have on other competitive Senate and House races across the country?

Read the rest at Politico.

Posted on November 28, 2012 in