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8 Tips on Facebook Images for a Cause

From M+R Research Labs:

It is a truth universally acknowledged: Images rule Facebook. When you’re scrolling through posts about what someone ate for breakfast or how long their commute took, an interesting photo is like an oasis in a desert of digital monotony. And ever since Facebook unveiled large-dimension images in the News Feed last year, brands, organizations, and George Takei have been capitalizing on the new layout with simple images that drive home a point with a funny photo or moving quote. We’ve been calling these “image shares” because well, they’re images… that people share.

There’s no sure way to make your image share go viral and take over the internet. But these simple tips will help you create content that your followers will be eager to share – the rest is up to them.

Read the rest at M+R Research Labs.

Posted on September 18, 2012 in