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How to Bypass Social Media Tollbooths with Email Content Marketing

From Social Media Today:

Understand this: That network of Facebook followers you’ve spent time, effort and money building - you don’t own them.

Every day, social media is becoming more of a “pay to play” environment. On Facebook, for example, you need to pay to acquire the followers and then you’re still asked asked to pay a “toll” each time you actually want to communicate with them. These tolls have lots of different names: Sponsored Stories, Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts.

With email marketing, you can be certain that a significantly larger percentage of the list you send to is exposed to your message. Compared to Facebook, the costs for email marketing are minimal - plus you get the added benefit of owning the list you build. You can contact the email addresses on that list whenever you want for the reasonable monthly costs of an email service provider.

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