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22 Simple Tips to Grow Your Email List Organically

From Social Media Today:

While social media marketing like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn are getting tons of interest, email is still KING.

Email is used far more than Facebook and Twitter combined. How much more? Daily activity for Facebook: 60 million updates. Twitter: 140 million tweets per day. Email? 188 billion messages per day. Email continues to be used each day by 93% of consumers.

Think about it: Email is central to everything a person does, online and offline, every day.

Your email list is the core and infrastructure of your business. These names have more weight than a Facebook “like” or a Twitter follower, they are the most qualified, targeted leads that you are going to get! These people have willingly signed up to hear from you in the form of regualar email updates. They are the strongest candidates to purchase from you.

Read the rest at Social Media Today.

Posted on July 31, 2012 in
email strategy.