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I've done a wee bit of redesign here at Politics and Technology. It's nearly entirely cosmetic - with this exception: I'm now sharing the headlines from my RSS feed.

Lots of good stuff from lots of good blogs talking about the use of technology in politics, nonprofits, and more. Everything from folks who cover the same space we do - like Personal Democracy Forum, Political Gastronomica, Atari Democrat, and Blog PI - to PR pros who understand the net, like Debbie Weil and Richard Edelman.

There's also a handful of vendors, like EchoDitto and BlogAds. And last but not least, a bunch of folks who are focused on nonprofits - like Jon Stahl, Frogloop, TechSoup, and Communicate or Die.

So, consider P&T your personal HQ for all the good stuff in the world of politics and technology.

Posted on February 19, 2007.