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Campaigns & Tech in Massachusetts

The Boston Globe has an excellent piece on blogs and political websites in Massachusetts. In particular, there's a strong culture of the attack-blog in the Bay State:

The day Romney announced he would not seek reelection, for example, a blogger who goes by the name Ben created a new site dedicated to Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey. He calls it ''Healey is a Fraud" (healeyisafraud.blogspot.com).

''Now that Willard Mitt has decided to take himself out of the electoral picture, Healey is no longer just the Lightweight Lieutenant Governor," Ben wrote on Dec. 14. ''From this day forward she shall be known as the Lame Duck Lightweight Lieutenant Governor."

Of course, there's all kinds of campaign fundraising happening online.

Campaign websites these days can be crucial, and not only for spreading one's message. Since October, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick has amassed $150,000 in contributions through his website, devalpatrick.com, according to his campaign.

Deval Patrick, btw, is running against Democratic Attorney General Tom Reilly.

There's more in the Globe story. Check it out.