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Anonymous Blogs are Bad (mostly)

From the New West Network comes this sage advice:

In the context of journalism, though, and certainly in the context of politics, we do have a problem with it. Almost by definition, journalism (blogging or otherwise) can't be anonymous. Journalists are in the trust business. ...

In politics, too, trust is paramount. Politicians ritually ask the voters to trust them, and whether the voters oblige or not, the reasons for asking are pretty obvious.

But without transparency it's hard to have much trust at all. What is the agenda of those behind Schweitzer for President? Are they Schweitzer staffers, with a stealth campaign to promote their man? Are they Republican operatives with an elaborate plan to humiliate him? If they (or he, or she) are just regular citzens who adore the guy, why can't they just come out and say so? ...

But in politics and journalism alike, anonymity should be the exception to the rule, used only when absolutely necessary. Otherwise, we start to squander one of the most important things that the new media has brought to both these arenas -- transparency.

Of course, if you absolutely positively must blog anonymously, then follow these rules.

Posted on June 14, 2005 in