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The Blogging Governor: Phil Bredesen of Tennesee

Phil bredesenThe first sitting governor has started blogging. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that he's taking comments just yet.

A quick hit from Governor Phil, a Democrat from Tennessee:

Let me confess upfront: I won’t be blogging every single day. But I will, on a regular basis, use this space to share my ideas on issues and provide personal dispatches from trips I take and events I attend, like the National Governors Association conferences. Stay tuned for more entries.

Meanwhile, spend some time getting familiar with the new site. It's a big step forward in my efforts to communicate with you directly on what’s happening at the Capitol. I hope you find it worth reading. Talk soon, Phil Bredesen.

Dive in and enjoy.

Hat tip to BuzzWebster.

SayUncle: "It’s good to see more blogging politicians. He should open it up to comments. Now, say something of substance so that I may criticize it."
Nashville Files: "I hope that he actually writes it (as opposed to dictating it and having a staff member write it) and it is not just another way for him to issue standard press releases in a "blog format." If that's the case, then it's not really a blog."
Adam Groves: " It seems that Bredesen's political advisors "get" at least one key advantage of blogging- it provides for a personalization with a web audience that doesn't seem to be available with other web media."
Rep. Stacey Campfield (R-TN): "Sadly, it just looks like Phil Blog is going to be a political tool with an unfortunate, shady start."
Blog Herald: "The 'Phil Blog', buried within the main content on his official website, features no feeds, comments or trackback ability, and appears nothing more than static, dated, web pages. ... Makes you wonder why they bother."
GullyBorg: "Why is this significant? Gov. Bredesen is positioning himself to be the anti-Hillary, the 'red state' democrat who can win in 2008."
South End Grounds: "If he tackles tough [issues], his blog will be an invaluable resource for Tennesseans. If he uses it merely to publish talking points about his programs, then it's just a well-organized collection of press releases. I hope Governor Bredesen makes it the former."