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Advertising on the national liberal blog network

Blog advertising is a great way to reach a highly targeted audience of opinion leaders, activists, elected officials, and journalists (who skim blogs looking for story leads).

Today, a new national network of liberal blogs launched an advertising network. The 40+ blogs in the The Liberal Blog Advertising Network make it quick and easy for national advertisers to get their ads displayed over a million times each day. A buy on the entire network runs just about $3600 a week, or $11000 a month.

From the announcement:

By bringing together more than forty of the most highly trafficked, regularly updated and politically focused liberal and progressive blogs, the Liberal Blog Advertising Network now makes it possible for advertisers to reach virtually the entire liberal and progressive political blogosphere at once. Simply put, no other advertising opportunity can offer an audience so dedicated to liberal and progressive causes. Advertise here, and reach the people who manufacture the liberal and progressive zeitgeist.

Combined, these blogs receive more than one million page views per day from highly informed, dedicated, and influential liberals and progressives. Over 75% of the audience of these blogs either donated to or volunteered for a campaign in 2004. With a median income of $75K, and a median age of 40, readers of these blogs tend to be affluent and young. Click-thru rates also tend to be twice the typical online average.

One of the blogs we manage, BlueOregon.com, is one of the initial members of the network.

Annatopia: "if there was some way to spread the revenue to more bloggers, more of us could sustain this effort without it cutting into things that take priority (like work)."