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Meetup.com: Not dead yet.

This is an update to our earlier item, "Is Meetup.com dying?"

First, there's a comment on the earlier item from Myles Weissleder, VP of communications at Meetup.com, who argued categorically that "meetup is not dying". Then, in an email to us, he argued:

[This is] completely off-base and false. And the fact it's grown legs is a little frustrating.

Second, our pal Michael Bassik - who blogs on politics and technology here, there, and everywhere - just sat down with Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman, and sent us this note:

I just spoke face to face with Scott Heiferman. Scott hosts the NY Technology MeetUp at the Apple Store in Downtown Manhattan where I'm sitting right now. I asked Scott, point blank, if the $9 was instituted to help them from going out of business. Basically, he said that if they didn't do something -- sell banner ads, etc., -- that, yes, eventually, they would go out of business. They felt that if they had to generate revenue to stay in business, it should be a small fee that would come from their member-supported community.

I understand there's soon to be a longer piece about this over at Personal Democracy Forum. Stay tuned.