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Democratic Ads / DNC Video Contest

Just a few months after MoveOn ran their Bush in 30 Seconds commercial contest, the Democrats have run with the idea - and conducted their own one-minute convention video contest. They've narrowed the field to the top ten. Go here to vote in the contest. (You'll have to sign up first, of course.)

My top four? That's easy. The best is called America's Party, by Jefferson Smith and Adam Klugman. (Admittedly, Jeff's a friend, but it really is the best of the best.)

After that, I'd go with Real Deal by David Alexander, One Stop Shopping by Toby Hayman, and Going the Distance by Sheila McMullen.

All four are very different. Go ahead and sign up with the Democrats (why aren't you already?) and see the rest - and then vote for the best. Most aren't as good as the best MoveOn ads, but the top four would hang right in there.