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GOP helps Nader Get On Oregon Ballot

Right-wing groups have been confirmed to be organizing and recruiting Republican activists to attend Saturday's Nader nominating convention in Portland, Oregon. The anti-tax Citizens for a Sound Economy and the anti-gay-marriage Oregon Family Council have been calling GOP activists and encouraging them to attend Nader's event - where he needs 1000 signatures in order to gain access to the Oregon presidential ballot.

Mandate Media Exclusive: A scanned copy of the phone-bank script used by Citizens for a Sound Economy to recruit Republicans for Nader.

The Associated Press reports that CSE admits the activity: "We disagree with Ralph Nader's politics, but we'd love to see him make the ballot," said Oregon director Russ Walker.

In April, Nader failed to make the Oregon ballot (where he had his best showing nationally in 2000) when only 741 voters showed up in support.

Yeah, yeah, this isn't a technology story so much - but it's a big enough story (with a Mandate Media exclusive, too!) that I figured it was worth cross-posting my piece for the Political State Report.