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Joe Trippi: The revolution will not be televised

Joe Trippi, the guru of the Dean campaign, has a new book coming out next month - "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Seizing Power in the Age of the Internet". He answers the question that's been asked here at P&T: when's that magic moment when politics was forever changed by the internet.

Some believed it was John McCain's million-dollar day after the New Hamphsire primary in 2000. Trippi makes his nomination - "Everybody will say that's when it all changed, when we saw change coming [on the Dean campaign.]" I'm inclined to agree, but I'm still waiting for the Next Big Thing. We'll see. In any case, Joe Trippi is the guru, the Yoda, the sherpa, the one who took us all to the next level.

Anyway, on a personal note - I continue to be amused that I knew Joe Trippi before Joe Trippi was Joe Trippi. Back when he was just another dissheveled campaign consultant and I was the fresh-outta-college and lowliest staffer on the Darlene Hooley for Congress race in 1996 - I was the kid who got tasked with picking him up everyday from the airport and schlepping him to the site of our TV shoot. Nice guy.